Message from the Artistic Director

In 2003 I had the opportunity to participate in three competitions that are amongst the most prestigious in the world for my instrument – Prague, Munich and Paris. The one in Paris no longer exists, as it depended too much on state funds.

I managed to get very satisfying results, but more importantly, it was crucial for my personal and artistic growth. The hard work and detailed preparation for my performance, and working under pressure, helped me get to know my strengths and my limitations better.

After meeting Edda Silvestri, who nurtures a particular enthusiasm for the trumpet, she offered me the opportunity to organize an important competition in Rome. I realized that I was lucky to have the professional credibility that was needed for the job and that if I hadn’t assumed the charge, probably no one else would have.

At the same time I felt a profound gratitude for those who, 70 or more years ago, in very difficult times, took charge of creating the competitions mentioned before, which for decades have represented a significant professional opportunity and turning point in the career of hundreds of young artists.

The fact that in Rome, famous for being the ‘cradle’ of the western culture, did not have a similar event, seemed unacceptable to me.

Hence here I am, with great determination and dedication, and very conscious of the fact that I still have a lot to learn, putting in effort to change things.

The hope is to gift the Capital of this country, of which I don’t possess the citizenship but grew up in and that holds a special place in my heart, the international competition of music that it deserves, for many years to come.

Welcome to Rome, welcome to the “Girolamo Fantini” International Trumpet Competition – second edition!

The biography

Trumpet player Giuliano Sommerhalder was born into a family of musicians in 1985 and grew up in Italy.
In 2003, a year before completing his schooling, he carried off the second prize at the renowned international music competition of the ARD broadcasting network in Munich and was the joint winner of the Maurice André competition in Paris, after having won other important contests, such as the Prague Spring Festival (2003), the Timofei Dokschitzer Competition in Vilnius (2002), the Concertino Praga (2001) and the Tchaikovsky Conservatory Competition in Moscow (1997). In addition, he was awarded European Culture Prizes in Munich in 1999 and in Berlin in 2002. In 2008 he was accepted into the BBC Radio 3 New Generation Artists scheme…

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